The Greatest Electronic Dance Songs of All-Time: an open thread

Ok. Let’s light this candle.
The objective is simple but deceptively complex – catalog the ‘best’ dance songs of all time. Seemingly straightforward objective but we will need to define a few terms and set some guidelines to ensure the list is representative of the best of the best.
First off, what is the genre? A person can certainly dance to country-western (“we’ve got both kinds!”) or to polka but those songs shouldn’t be on this list. Hewing closer to electronic, a person can dance to hip hop or electronic influenced alternative (such as The Farm, EMF, or Erasure) but those probably aren’t in the spirit of this list.
These would be songs that one might expect to hear on a house music night at a club or the electronic/dance stage at Coachella.

There will be some close calls and we should expect some spirited discussion: “Moira Jane’s Cafe” by Definition of Sound. Is that a pure hip hop song because it has rap style lyrics…or with that looping guitar hook and drop beat is it an electronic song? “Back to Life” by Soul II Soul – R&B? Or do we count that classic late-80’s proto-house beat and echoing piano as “dance”? 
We’re the nominators AND the judges so let’s see where the chips fall.
Each email nomination should at least include the following:

  • First (and importantly!) add the song to this YouTube playlist so we have a running and permanent playlist.
  • In the email, include the basics (song name, artist, year, link to the video on YT)
  • As available, include some background info, fun facts, and artist details.
  • Where possible, any personal anecdotes or memories of the song that might give a clue to why this goes beyond simply being a good or memorable song and into the pantheon of true classics.

Like I said, let’s light this candle!

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